A Second American Civil War? Or a Revolution?

July 4th 1776, 56 men from 13 colonies ratified a document, an absolute act of treason, to declare their willingness to risk everything.  Not just their property, not just their livelihood, not even just their own lives, but the lives of their entire families, for a chance at being free from a tyrannical government.  The ensuing war lasted almost 8 and half years.  25,000 soldiers, including boys as young as 10, died as a result of wounds and disease.

April 12th 1861, Confederate artillery opened fire on Fort Sumter in Charleston South Carolina, and took control of the Fort 34 hours later.  The American Civil War had begun.  Over the next four years 625,000 Americans, 2 percent of the population, would die fighting each other.   That would be about 6 million today.

The problem with talking about this kind of history is that “history is written by the victors.”  Thankfully Thomas Jefferson took the time to write out a very long and specific list of Grievances that were the reasons for declaring Independence and war.  No such document exists for the American Civil war, and while slavery was undeniably at least part, if not the majority, of the reason, other affronts undoubtedly can be found.  Politics, always being politics, and economic rivalries pitted northern states against southern states, and personal power struggles left men unwilling to look for honest compromises and good will towards their rivals.  However, these two wars have something very telling in common:  The history of the affronts and grievances is long.

The colonies existed for centuries before they finally refused to accept the abuses of the British Crown.  The United States existed for almost a full century before the unjust compromises and the politics of the day forced armed confrontation.  Another full century passed before the unjust compromises after the civil war boiled into riots, armed conflict, lynch mob murders, and assassinations but thankfully never an all-out war.  In the last 3 years I have seen more violence, division, political partisanship, and calls for verbal, financial, and even physical attacks on each other, than I have seen in my life.  I’ll admit I’m relatively young, but as a child I didn’t see weeks on end of news about groups of people fighting all over our country.  Yes, there were still murders, and yes events like the Rodney King beating and resulting riots happened, but there wasn’t a constant fanning of the flames.  I fear that this fanning, the constant onslaught of “offenses” and “injustices” presented in the 24 hour news, and the current rejection of objective morals won’t let a full century pass before our country is in another full on war between its own citizens.

Those of us on the right, myself included, do not want that kind of fight.  Decades, even centuries, have passed between our country’s internal conflicts because as a nation we condemn violence, and abhor violence against our fellow Americans above all.    There are over 300 million guns in America, billions if not trillions of rounds of ammunition, and most of those are probably owned by those of us “on the right.”  If we wanted a violent conflict with those we disagree with, every other tragedy in history would pale in comparison.  I don’t want that.

I can’t believe that those on “the left” really want that kind of fight either.  Their general distaste and fear of guns puts them at an immediate disadvantage.  For the last 45 years they have eagerly flocked to Planned Parenthood to kill their own next generations of able bodied adults.  The boys that have managed to make it past the gauntlet of abortion propaganda have been feminized to the point of not even being able to coup with a harsh word, much less real conflict.  The girls have been given the opposite treatment, being told they are the same as boys, yet even when pumped full of testosterone they cannot compete with men.  These are not men and women prepared for a real fight.

To quote a very good, but not at all accurate movie, “This war will be fought not on the frontier or on some distant battlefield, but amongst us — among our homes. Our children will learn of it with their own eyes. And the innocent will die with the rest of us.”  None of us want that, so this Independence Day, for all our sakes, please, turn away from violence, and cherish the real freedoms that we do have.  Happy Independence Day everybody, and God bless America!

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